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There are two different size guides. This is because I use two different lasts, this is the mold on which the shoe is made and which determines the shape and size of the shoe. Above the guide you can see which one applies to the model of your choice. Be sure to make a correct measurement before finalizing the order. Before I start creating you will be contacted to check. Since I do not accept returns in case the size is not right, this is because all shoes are made to order. 

You are always welcome to stop by at the studio and be measured by me. In case that is not a possibility I also made a measurement form you can print. Or I can send a printed form to your home after placing an order.


In the images below you can find what size needs to be measured. Place your heel against the wall and measure your longest straight distance in your foot, this is not necessarily your big toe but can also be your second or one of the other toes. You can always contact me with any questions. 


meetuitleg [Converted].png



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