The Steppe is my interpretation of the Chukka silhouette. The Chukka came to existence as a casual ankle boot in the late '40s and has since never gone out of style. A classic model that is fitting for every occasion. The Steppe is handcrafted in the Netherlands from the finest natural materials. 


I only work with natural materials for several reasons such as sustainability, comfort and last but not least beauty. All the leather is vegetable tanned using materials such as tree bark. This is healthier for our environment but also for your own skin due to the absence of toxins. The leather is also able to breathe and shape to your foot. 


The sole of the Steppe is made from cork from the cork tree and natural rubber from the hevea brasiliensis. Both renewable sources which also make for a very comfortable sole due to their cushioning characteristics.

  • Due to the natural treatment of the leather, the surface is more vulnerable to the elements. This means that over time the color of your leather will change. We call this a patina, which is unique on every shoe and has its beauty. 


    Nevertheless, I recommend treating the surface regularly with a natural shoe polish made from beeswax and often a variety of oils. This helps protect the leather and to keep it soft.