This cardholder is made from the finest vegetable tanned Italian leather and will grow more beautiful with age. It is fully handmade at my studio in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Stitching is done by hand with the traditional “saddle stitch”. My aim was to combine traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design. Sustainability starts with quality and that is why this cardholder comes with a lifetime warranty. 


This cardholder has 3 pockets which hold 1-2 cards each making a total of 3-6 cards.


Vegetable leather tanning is the traditional way of tanning. It is a patient process where over a period of months expert craftsman use natural materials to create a beautiful leather. Besides the more environmentally friendly process vegetable tanned leather is also a superior product due to it qualities, it has a characteristic smell, no toxins and the most importantly it creates a unique patina over time. 


The Tobacco & Olmo are made from Italian leather from the tannery of Badalassi Carlo and the Natural & Black are made from Italian leather tanned by Conceria Puccini.


    Leather color